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Apple’s upcoming features 2019

Apple showed off a bunch of new features coming to the iPhone, at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in Cupertino. The iOS 13; a long-awaited feature, with a gorgeous dark appearance was a feature users have wanted for a long time.

Apple teased a few other features as well. Time synced lyrics, just type what you want and reminders were some of them. The system will understand when and where to notify you.

Also, with this new iOS, Maps is getting a whole new redesign as well. They have added a couple of very useful new features like favorites, where I can add the places I go every day, for quick and easy access.

Apple also showcased a few ways it will let users control their privacy and data. This can be convenient. The solution is called sign-in. You can choose to share your actual email address or you can choose to hide it and when you do Apple will create a unique random address that forwards to your real address. That’s good news because each app is given a unique random address and this means you can disable any one of them at any time, when you’re tired of hearing from that.

Messages is getting some new features, including a way to use photos or emoji to identify yourself in iMessage. Emoji are getting upgraded with additions like lipstick, jewelry, hats and custom stickers created.

The camera is getting improved from lighting effects, photo effects to videos. The Photos app is getting a redesign and some new features too. You can simply pinch to zoom out and see a bunch of photos or you can zoom in to see more detail. Every year it will show you all of my dog dubs for the past.

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Air pods’ users will be able to share what they’re listening to, while car play is getting a pretty big overhaul, where you can now have your music next to your maps and you still have room for Siri smart suggestions. But, there were a whole lot of features that Apple didn’t even talk about.

The screen will consist of a Wi-Fi selection and control center. Hopefully, that means that iPhone will be able to join Wi-Fi networks without going through settings and will have a way to deal with annoying spam calls.

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