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BMW’s Vision-Next 100

The next 100 years of BMW is expected to be incredible. Great and unimaginable features are to be in-built.

A live geometry

This is a concept to illustrate the fact that in the future the digital world and the analog world will work together to create a seamless experience. So, some parts of the car will be moving and relating to the digital information that you get in the car.

Especially, when it comes to different driving modes of the future, we talk much about autonomous driving; self-driving and so, on the car has to actively adapt to these driving conditions.

That is possible with a live geometry. Ease and boosts are two modes that are present in the vision vehicle. Ease is for those moments where you don’t want to concentrate fully on the act of driving. You want to relax or maybe concentrate on something else and boost is for those moments where you want your typical BMW driving experience.

The vision vehicle is something very special for BMW. They are not only thinking about form and shapes. They’re thinking really about values, about how you live in the car, and how the brand can evolve you.

So, what happens is when he turns the wheel obviously because this is all enclosed, there needs to be some room here for the wheel to actually turn. Also, as it turns, this expands and contracts.

That is one of the coolest features on this car.


It’s just a sensor that is used to open the doors or fold it. It’s completely covered in gold like you cannot see inside this car except for the front windscreen.

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It’s just all one color. There’s just no interruption. Going around to the front seat, actually because that’s where you going to see it best, this has level four autonomy. This means it can drive fully on its own. But, if you would like to drive it, you can. So, it does have a steering wheel and it has pedals.

We can actually make this steering wheel completely disappear if you want to, in autonomous mode. All you see is a bit of the handle. If you push it, it will come back again. The other cool thing is, when you’re in driving mode, all of the lights go red.

At the front, that little diamond also goes red. If you’re in autonomous the diamond comes up and the light on the front actually starts to flick, because if you’re a pedestrian, or if you’re another car on the road, you want to know when a car next to you is driving in autonomous mode and a person is not in control of the car. So, they’ve done that for safety reasons.

So, everyone can be a little bit more cautious around these cars. This is mainly because, this is all still quite new technology over the last few years. And, we are going to be seeing fully autonomous cars driving on the roads in a matter of years.

These little triangle shapes here on the dash like reptiles in isn’t it. It’s warning you of an object on the road that maybe you can’t see.

4 seater

Also, the four seats you’ve got quite like wide bucket seats in the back. This is kind of a theme that you see a lot in these autonomous cars that we’re looking to in the future. Just these massive kind of lounge chair seats because that’s what the feeling that they want you to get is like sitting in your living room.

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But, you’re actually just being driven to the next place. The wings as they come up like these doors change when you’re in driver self-driving mode and autonomous it changes to white.

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