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Elixir’s international steps*

Elixir technology’s main product is Elixir Report which is designed for both software developers and end-users. This product forms part of the reporting function for customer companies. The core competencies of Elixir include code writing in Java, adaptation of the product for different languages and cultures and professional support service provision.

Elixir mainly serves a broad spread of companies, from small to large including software developers, governments as well as companies. Elixir localized its products by translating its software into customers’ languages. Furthermore, Elixir software is aligned with the cultural context without being specific what that means.

The localization of Elixir software was done by developing their own understanding of the market or partnering with somebody who already understands the cultural context. Also, Elixir occupied a niche in flexible reporting software, customized to local markets. This was done by using a product that was 50% cheaper than its competitors.

Elixir’s customers were IT directors of companies and government departments. However, Elixir did not follow cost leadership and differentiation across the market. Yet, the feature of bi-directional text writing seems to have given it one unique part of the market.

Elixir’s strategy was to be cheap and differentiated. With this, the need for cost competitiveness and localization was also seen. Thereby, they used a multi domestic strategy.

Elixir’s entry into the international market, specially to Japan was made possible through its initial partner who was able to communicate in English and was already selling complementary products. The firms were sensitive to the local market and therefore used own branding.

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However, Elixir was less successful in China. This is mainly because Chinese partners wanted something for nothing. Thereby, when trying to enter Middle East, Elixir wants an active partner.

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