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Anti-Oxidant Rich Food cures Arthritis!!

Arthritis is a common progressive condition that can cause people pain, even limit their daily activities. Commonly, what we most often deal with is called osteoarthritis. This is a typically degenerative condition that is a breakdown of cartilage.

Along with that breakdown of cartilage, you tend to get a buildup of bone or some spurring of the bone. Osteo arthritis can be age-related, injury-related or genetic.

The most common place to develop the condition is the knee, hip, hands and feet. When you’re dealing with a painful joint a lot of times you make unnecessary or accommodations that can be debilitating or cause other injuries or harm to other joints. But, physical therapy can teach patients safe ways to stay active.

The best things for a joint that’s arthritic is for it to actually move. Some of the advantages of therapy and movement in general is that it helps infuse the joint with some synovial fluid which is like a natural lubrication.

In addition to teaching patients safe movements, physical therapy can also educate patients on appropriate footwear, braces and assistive devices. Usually you can’t fully get rid of arthritis. But, there are ways that you can either maintain your healthy lifestyle or improve it. Maintaining a safe and active lifestyle can help patients manage their arthritis and prevent a future injury.

There are natural things patients can do to minimize the pain without taking medication. The food we eat can increase the inflammation levels in our body.

So, therefore if we are able to follow an anti-inflammatory diet with more antioxidants, we can help control some of the symptoms of arthritis or inflammation antioxidants lower levels of inflammation throughout the body. The goal is to minimize the overall symptoms.

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So, the ache and the pain from arthritis may have a lower dependency on some of the medications. Food that are high in antioxidants like blueberries, grapes and greens can help with joint inflammation. But, foods that are processed high in fat and high in sugar can keep your joints inflamed.

Not only do we need our blues and our purples, we need red, yellow, orange and green nutrients, so plant-based materials every day to a regular healthy diet can help with day to day pain and swelling. Eating blueberries one time isn’t going to make your knee feel better. It’s your habit of including a healthy diet high in antioxidants, low in inflammatory foods like high fatty processed meats or high sugar foods that overtime is going to help lower the inflammation in your body.

In addition to fruits and vegetables, health experts also recommend patients maintain an active lifestyle to help prevent joint stiffness.

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