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Reading Fiction

Hi kids!! Today, we will do some comprehension.

Let’s start here!

We have a paragraph. Let’s read it and then we have to answer some questions.

Reading a paragraph and answering the questions related to it, is known as comprehension.

My name is Joy. My uncle Moby lives in a farmhouse. I love to go there in holidays. There are many animals in his farmhouse. There are two cows and a calf. There is a horse and a mare. There are three pigs and two piglets too. There is a beautiful pond in the farmhouse. There are three ducks in the pond. Small chicks are there with a hen. A windmill is also there in the farmhouse.

1. What is the name of the boy in the passage?


2. What is the name of Joy’s uncle?


3. Where does uncle Mobi live?


4. When does Joy go to the farmhouse?


6. How many  horses are there in the farmhouse?


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