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Vesak in 2020

Vesak is a day celebrated globally by Buddhists to commemorate the birth, enlightenment, and Nirvana of Buddha; a time of joy, peace, and reflection. On this day, at the crack of dawn, Buddhist congregate at temples for ceremonies of prayers and the offering of candles, flowers, and Joysticks. The burning down of candles and Joy sticks and the withering of flowers through the day serves to remind all worshippers that life is fleeting transient and all things decay and eventually pass away.

One of the most popular rituals is the bathing of a Buddha statue. The rest of the day is devoted to performing good deeds such as blood donation, visiting the age, and distributing gifts to the needy. The day often ends with candlelight procession through the streets. Here, devotees will be seen practicing the two-hour-long three steps one bow ritual praying for world peace, personal blessings, and repentance.

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