Sectors of Business

There are three sectors that you need to know in business. They’re primary, secondary and tertiary. 

Primary sector-That’s about extracting raw materials. For example of that could be fishing,agriculture or mining for any sorts of natural resource. 

Secondary sector– That’s about manufacturing goods. You’re thinking here factories or it could beconstruction. Build buildings or it could be building infrastructure; so roads, train tracks, etc. 

Tertiary sector- Tertiary sector is about providing services. They could be retail services; banking services, there’s so many example of services in our economy which leads me to statistics- statisticsyou could use for an evaluation point.  The UK is heavily loaded towards a tertiary sector. 79% of our economy; the UK economy based on current data is tertiary sector, 20% is in the secondary sector and only 1% is in the primary sector.

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