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Most musicians love to use the Taylor Guitar for various reasons. Based on various surveys conducted by state authorities ad research councils, the following have been considered as he top five reasons why Taylor Guitars are still on high demand.

Playability and Quality

Taylor Guitars just play like butter. It’s so smooth that you can work with it without any hassle. You don’t have to fight the guitar and that’s a huge advantage. Even guitar makers claim that.

Taylor’s neck is a bolt-on neck system that has wood shims in between the fretboard extension on the heel, that allows tail if the Taylor factory just set it up exactly the way we want to set up. When it comes across the country, they tune it up together.

When a customer comes to play, it plays great. But, the great thing is over time, if it actually gets high, you can bring it back to any authorized repair center and they can reset the neck for you under Taylor warranty and set up exactly the way you want.

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So the playability is a function of all those things coming together.

There is so much innovation in the Taylor factory. Every step done to building guitars were done on purpose. If you look at this guitar today, it does not look like a guitar you used to see it on a wall right first off. It’s not glossy. It’s got these weird edges around and you roll it all the way around.

Guitar Body

There’s a lot of different players out there with different playing styles and they’re going to use because those guitars for different reasons. Recording and playing on their couch, playing with their buddies or even playing live.

So, there’s five different body shapes that Taylor offers. From a really small comfortable guitar to a big boomy jumbo guitar which is the grand orchestra and everything in between. Then, you start adding in the different tone woods. There are a lot of different models and options out there that you can get something for everyone.

Ethical wood

Thus, Taylor is not only just stepping outside of the standard woods, but in addition to increasing the diversity of tone, that’s being made available through the body shapes, there’s also a sense of sustainable ethics. Taylor wants to ethically source the woods.

Taylor uses sustainable tone woods found in Africa. They’re renewable. They grow within 30 to 40 years because they grow along the tropical zone. So, they grow really fast and they also sound great.

Good customer care

Taylor takes good care of the customers after they bought the guitar. Taylor guitars comes with a lifetime of service and repair. If there’s something that is manufactured wrong with the guitar, and the beauty is a lot of that can be done in the field.

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