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Category: Year 3

Parts of a plant

Today we are going to learn about the plant parts and their functions. Plants have six parts.

The first three help plants get water, make food and to grow. They are roots, stems and leaves. The second three help plants grow new plants. They are flowers, fruit and seeds.

The first plant part we’re going to look at today is the roots. Roots have a special job. You see roots; hold the plant in the soil. The soil is the dirt in the ground. Then roots bring water and nutrients from the soil to the plant. Roots are usually underground. But, they can be above ground too.

The second part of a plant which is the stem. The stems hold the plant up above ground. The stems carry water and food through the plant. Stems are the delivery system of the plant. Roots get water and nutrients from the soil and the stems carry the water and nutrients throughout the plant. The stem holds the plant above ground.

The next part of the plant we’re going to learn today is leaves. The leaves are at the end of the steps of plans and this is interesting. Leaves are where plants make most of their food. Leaves take in air and they use air, water and sunlight to make food.

Flowers like leaves, grow on the end of the stems. Flowers are often the most colorful part of the plant. The rich colors of flowers help attract pollinators. That’s why they’re beautiful. The beauty has a purpose. After getting pollinated, flowers can make seeds and fruit.

Next, fruits. They hang on the end of stems. The fruits’ job is to hold the seeds. The fruit is just a delicious seed holder. Now either one of two things happens to the fruit. The fruit is either picked and eaten or it falls off the plant and rots.

The last part of the plant that we’re going to learn today is the seeds. The seeds have an incredible job. Seeds grow into new plants. When animals eat fruit, they eat the seeds. Later, the seeds leave the animal through its waste wherever the animal is. This is called dispersal.

When the fruit falls from the tree and rots (The word rots mean the fruit dies), it rots, the seeds fall out and can make a new plant.

So, the first way called dispersal takes the seed to another place. So, it plants a new plant in a new place. When a fruit falls and rots, it plants a new plant nearby the original plant.

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