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Zoom Panic-Security Issues
Zoom Panic-Security Issues

The zoom panic has begun. This is the program; everybody’s using it. It was really designed for business and we’ve used it in my business for some time even though I have never been a fan, I’m a fan of how it works. It works really well and that’s why people use it.

It’s easy to understand. It just works. But, even last year there were issues with zoom. The way zoom installed for instance on a Macintosh, they put a well did. A number of things that were not for Passover but the worst thing was after you uninstalled zoom, it kept a little webserver running on your macintosh at all times which bad guys could then use to attack your system.

When it was discovered, zoom didn’t respond very quickly. Apple actually had to push out a fix that removed the zoom web server. I’m sure Apple was not happy about that. But, Apple users you could feel good apples sticking up for you.

Zoom was a business product; they were focused on making it easy for relatively unsophisticated users. A lot of companies you zoom for conference calls with potential clients for pitches right? You don’t want to make a potential client have to jump through hoops.

For instance, made it so that you just even if you uninstalled zoom, if you just click to zoom link, you start, you create a meeting and it sends out an invitation, puts it in the calendar, you could just click the link in the calendar and boom you’re in the conference. If you’re doing these sales calls, even if you didn’t have the software installed, it would install it behind the scenes and open up so zoom, I think errored on the side of making this convenient not considering the security consequences.

Then, lately there’s been issues like the zoom iOS app using a Facebook kit of tools was even if you weren’t a Facebook user telling Facebook all about you. It’s not so good; most recently zoom was routing calls through China. They say it’s an accident zoom.

Their privacy issues- there’s a free tier of zoom you can do; 40-minute calls for free and those you know they were looking at what you were doing and mining it for advertising information. All of these things you know negative back now but people still use it.

Zoom bombing- this is where you know you know there’s a whole discord channel; this court is another product that the Youngs like to use. It’s a chat product, does video calls, it’s kind of like zoom for nerds. You can zoom bomb- they think it’s the funniest thing ever and if you think back to when you were in high school what they’re doing is awful.

Zoom does have settings- it’s just the default settings because it’s for business are wide open. You can go into the settings and say hey don’t let anybody joining unless by invitation. The problem is you need to make, you want to make that public, you don’t want to make them hard to enter, you don’t want to have to put up a password. I don’t know if there’s a fix for that.

Another thing zoom does badly and wrong is they say we are end-to-end encrypted private. But, it’s the nature of the beast, they can’t really be private; it can be encrypted as it’s traveling over the internet. But, zooms servers have to be able to see the conversations in order to mix them and do all you know- highlight the speaker and all that.

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Making use of Insurance during Covid 19

With regards to redundancy policies, most of the insurance policies will usually payout if you are in a situation where you’re made redundant but involuntary. So, if you’re facing involuntary redundancy even despite COVID 19 and you had a policy that you took out before then you should find that you should be able to utilize that policy.

In an event where you aren’t laid off now, if you’re looking at taking out new redundancy cover that might be a little bit trickier particularly if you’re working in hospitality etc.

Insurance providers at the moment legal in general for example for the foreseeable future are not actually offering cover. So, you will find that there will be changes emerging in the insurance market over the coming months.

Life insurance will usually payout an income or in a lump sum of money to your family in the event of your passing away. Now, a question I’ve been asked if I was to pass away from COVID, would my life insurance still cover me? You’d need to check your policy specifics. But, most insurance policy is life insurance policies would still payout in that eventualities because COVID is obviously very new condition. Life insurance policies are not excluding it. If you die, you die assuming that it’s not an accidental death policy, then you should still find that you have cover in that eventualities.

So, if you were looking to take out a new life insurance policy again, currently a lot of providers are not excluding deaths from COVID. But, as long as you’ve not got symptoms currently or you know you’re not suffering symptoms from something else then life insurance is still something that you perhaps want to consider despite COVID 19.

If you were to suffer a critical illness so usually that involves cancer, stroke, heart attack, some providers cover a lot more conditions than that, but they are the main three, if you already had a critical illness policy, if you had symptoms or a condition that arose as a result of you contracting COVID 19 so, for example, some critical illness policies will cover things like intensive care heart failure, etc then you might find that yes you would be able to claim under those conditions now if you were to take out a new critical illness policy again that still might be absolutely fine.

The last type of insurance is income protection. It usually pays you an income if you are off work, sick due to an accident, illness or injury. Usually they pay in after four weeks or six weeks or 13 weeks depending on how long your employer pays you. But, you would choose the wait period and then it would pay you for a set period of time.

Having these types of insurance is in place should just be something that you do, if you have the responsibility of children and mortgage, you bring in an income you know because even though no one would have predicted COVID 19. In the same way that probably nobody predicts that they’re going to get cancer or have a stroke or have a heart attack. So, these are things that I think should just be considered.

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Tips for credit management
Tips for credit management

Getting into credit management, how do you build credit and this is where credit card companies are making so much money off of us.

Younger people don’t really understand it. You just keep getting credit card after credit card maxing it out and not paying the balance and that’s the most important thing. Just to have that discipline which a lot of people don’t want to say like 99% of people don’t. That’s why these companies have no problem lending all this money to you.

When you’re young or old, it really doesn’t matter. So, the keys to credit management; get your first credit card. Everything that you put on it, whether it’s gas, netflix, books, make sure you pay that balance within the month. It’s super simple. All you got to do is be disciplined and if you want to continuously build your credit score and get it higher and higher, you need to have at least three credit cards and make sure to put your Netflix, your Apple music, just a little things on there.

So, if you have a thousand dollar limit, you should stay under $100. I mean obviously you can go more than that. But, you know as far as reporting to like FICO etc you want to stay under that 10% market, you just want to pay the full every single month.

Now, let me get you into the reality of things. It’s so easy to tell you what you should do. But, you know the reality is I personally have almost $100,000 of student loans that I’ve been paying like a lot of money and I don’t even use my degree.

You’re still gonna put that in perspective is the amount that you’re paying for college going to benefit you when you graduate that value you know are you gonna have a hundred thousand dollar student loan, get out of college, work up to the point where you’re making easily enough to just pay that. Student loans aren’t really a bad thing. But, that’s just something to be aware of.

Because you’re disciplined doesn’t mean you don’t fall off the wagon every once in a while. It is really easy to swipe your card over and over and over and then that monthly bill comes up and you’re like how am I gonna pay this and then you get stuck paying interest.

Sometimes, you might be doing exactly what I said; you pay your balances in full, but then your tyre blows out, your windshield gets cracked, you’re sick, you got a medical bill, you know this or that. I think a lot of people try to preach a message, but they’ve never been through.

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Choice of dissertation research topic

Choosing the research topic is the most challenging part of any research because it is the base and it is the starting point of the research. If you don’t choose a research topic appropriately chances are that you might end up leaving the research altogether.

I have seen a lot of students who struggle with their research topic; take up anything, start doing their research and towards the end of their PhD they find that their guides have altogether rejected the topic and they have to begin again by choosing another topic which is more appropriate or else if you have not chosen a specific appropriate topic, you might yourself leave the research because you don’t know where to go, what to do, how to justify the topic.

The first important thing that you must remember when you decide to choose a research topic is your interest area. You should always remember the fact that the research topic should be from your interest.

Research topic is very individualistic. You need to see your topic, you need to choose a topic which appeals to you. So, you need to always remember the fact that if you’re not happy, the learning would not occur. So, the first prominent factor in any field of study is your interest area.

The first important thing that you need to understand here is that look into the vast field of literature into the ocean of literature and beside what is your interest area. It can be a particular literary movement like transcendentalism, romanticism, modernism. It can be a particular literary theory. For example, Marxism, psychoanalytical criticism or maybe feminism. It can be a particular author; maybe you are a big fan of Shakespeare or Jane Austen or maybe Jerri Pinto. So, you can even take up that writer and you know look at that writer from a very new angle.

Another important area where you can do your research is any literary art form. For example, paintings, cinema all these important art forms are nowadays incorporated in research. So, if you are really interested in knowing more about cinema filmatography, cinematography in that case take up a book and its adaptation.

You can take up a movie and the book on which that movie was phased and then do a comparative study that would be a great thing or you can take up a particular literary genre; may be crime, fiction, detective or maybe if you’re interested in children’s literature. So, by knowing your interest area you actually know what you would like to invest your next three years into.

The next important thing that you must do in order to finalize your research topic is background study. Let’s first look at the aim of research.

Aim of research is either to find out some new facts or to revisit the existing fact and look at it and see if they’re still valid today. So, basically, research aims at adding something new to the existing body of knowledge.

If you take up a research topic on which a lot of work has already been done, then you would just be copying from a place and pasting it in your research and that will not be called as a research because you are not adding anything new in the existing body of knowledge. So, it is very important for you to do a background study of all the works which has already been done on that particular topic.

A research gap is areas which will left unexplored in the previous researches and from that particular research gap, you will get your topic. So, make it a habit before choosing a research topic, you go through different articles, journals and existing research papers and then figure out the research gap and finally you take up either a totally unexplored area or a partially unexplored area and begin your research.

This background study is going to help you a lot when you will be writing your synopsis or you will be writing an introduction to your thesis because in your synopsis, you need to justify your topic and also mention the previous works which have been done in that particular topic. A review of literature is an essential part of a research and if you don’t do it then your research is not complete and finally another important thing that you must understand before you decide your research topic is to limit the genus.

What do you mean by limiting your genus? If you take up a very bulky topic for example exploring symbolism in the poetry of WB Yeats. This seems to be very simple and a very sweet research topic but you cannot understand how bulky this topic is. There have been more than 250 poems written by WB Yeats and each poem contains millions of symbols. So, how are you going to present all of this in a research paper or in a PhD thesis of about 250 pages?

So what is important is to become specific after you know your interest area, after you know the research gaps in the previous researches, you need to make your research topic extremely specific or else you would find that if you’ve taken a very open-ended research topic, you are going to go haywire and you will never reach a definite conclusion at the end of the research and you might find that your entire PhD thesis was concluded to be nothing at the end.

In that case, what is important is that you know a very specific topic and how would you get to a specific topic, either take up two or three authors or take up few selected works of one particular author. If you take up five authors and you’re researching on ten works of each of them, you would find that in a PhD thesis of 250 pages, you would just be summarizing and giving an introduction to all of these works and that would not be a PhD thesis.

Become very selective in what you are choosing. Also, understand that whenever you are doing a background study, you should always take up works which you have read and also you must note that it’s not just that the work you would be talking about in your entire research. You would also be bringing a lot of different associated theories.

You need to bring all these different and associated theories and look at these theories as well as their interpretation on the work that you have picked up for your research.

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Mc Donalds Monopoly Scam
Mc Donalds Monopoly Scam

Jerry Jacobson; ex-cop and criminal mastermind behind the largest-ever scam involving McDonald’s and monopoly is the key of the story. In 1987, McDonald’s started their most successful marketing campaign. To date, every purchase gave customers the opportunity to collect the Monopoly game piece and tokens attached to McDonald’s packaging. Each one of these items contained a prize ranging from free food to a million dollars.

The company responsible for this was Simon marketing whose head of security just happened to be Jerry Jacobson. As the head of the mcdonald’s millions program, it was his job to make sure no winning game pieces got into the wrong hands, he ran a tight ship even checking employee shoes as they left the factory.

However, in 1989, temptation became too much. He snuck out a game piece for $25,000 and gave it to his stepbrother at a family wedding. Later, he would claim to have stolen the piece just to see if he could do it. Six years later in the 1995 prize drawing, a computer randomly selected a factory in Canada to make the game pieces.

Allegedly executives at Simon marketing ran the program until a chosen area in the United States. Having seen this take place, Jacobson decided that the game was already corrupt and went all in on his scheme. He started with family members and eventually grew to a network of mobsters, drug traffickers, convicts, family of Mormons and even psychics. Also, this guy Jerry Columbo who was involved with the whole scam was in a McDonald’s commercial over the course of 12 years.

People in Jerry’s Network when almost every grand-prize the key to his fraud was that his winners were nearly random. He once met a couple on a cruise ship and ended up giving them a winning ticket. You gave Jerry a little cash up front, he would give you your ticket to claim your prize for McDonald’s.

According to some people involved Jerry would often give away these winning tickets in plastic ziplock bags that frequently weren’t even closed. After his local butchers found out about it, he gave Jerry $2,000 for a $10,000 prize as they were neighbors and friends. He had someone out-of-state collect the prize to not arouse suspicion much like investigating a stock fraud or boiler scheme.

The FBI collected evidence slowly. Wiretaps, tailing cars they couldn’t just jump on the whole operation, they needed a more complete case file which by the year 2000 they had and shortly after approached McDonald’s the fast-food chain had been dealing with similar problems from the game’s inception once catching someone trying to steal over 3,000 pieces. At first, McDonald’s just wanted to end the game to save face but eventually the FBI convinced them to let it play out for one more six-month cycle.

This proved to be just enough time to catch everyone involved. But, the FBI knew juries reacted much better to vibrant,damning evidence. So, they decided to host a meet-up of previous grand prize winners in Las Vegas. This didn’t end up happening which is kind of unfortunate because it would have been really funny to see all these people pretend not to know each other.

McDonald’s and the bureau opted instead to visit the 2001 grand prize winner’s home on August 3rd and McDonald’s film crew arrived at Michael Hoover’s house in Westerly Rhode Island as the undercover agents behind the camera. It became apparent that he was in fact part of the fraud and over the next few days they arrested over 50 people. Jacobsen was eventually sentenced to 37 months in prison and forced to pay back 12.5 million in restitution.

Almost everyone else who as part of the scheme was convicted of mail, fraud and conspiracy to defraud. McDonald’s most of which served small prison sentences or had to pay back their winnings in the aftermath of this McDonald was sued a few times and ended up picking new winners forever, changing the way they ran such contests.

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Impact of Globalisation on businesses

The idea that globalization encourages both producers and consumers to benefit from trade based on division of labor and specialization on comparative advantage theory. So, globalisation can lead to cheaper goods and services for consumers which increases their real incomes and increasing profits from businesses who can exploit economies of scale. In other words, there could be some significant welfare gains from globalization.

Globalization can also make domestic markets more contestable. Contestability reduces the scale of monopoly, supernormal profits and also keeps businesses on their toes to incentivize them, to seek cost reducing innovations.

Globalization has been associated with contributed to a significant fall and extreme poverty percentage of the world’s population living on less than one dollar. 90 per day PPP has now fallen below 10%. There are significant gains from specialization of factors of production.

Essentially the idea that you build deeper division of labor and you build global supply chains to optimize factors of production worldwide. In the things that they’re best at globalisation has brought some dynamic efficiency gains flowing from the sharing, the diffusion, the transfer of ideas, skills and technologies and that stimulates a process of innovation the gains also from the movement of labor between countries, between nations, cross-border labor migration increasing the stock of labor in different countries and also making the labor force more diverse which again can lead to an increase in innovation.

Considering some of the drawbacks, some of the risks and the disadvantages of this process of globalization, let me pick out a few. First of all, trade imbalances we are seeing in the world economy, increasing imbalances in trade, some countries like Germany and South Korea and Norway and the oil-rich countries generating huge current account surpluses, other country is suffering from persistent structural trade deficits and those trade imbalances are leading to increased protectionist tendencies because tariffs and non-tariff barriers as well as a move towards manipulating, managing exchange rates,dominant transnational corporations and less cultural diversity.

There’s a case, there’s an argument for saying that we’re seeing the emergence of dominant global brands; businesses which have significant brands; superior technologies- perhaps and scale and they could squeeze out local producers of perhaps movers more towards a standardized to modulus world of global branded products.

There is a move back towards local produce, local provenance, local brands, there’s always some contest ability. But, it is a concern. I think of even greater concern is the issue of corporate tax avoidance in a world where corporations are finding canny ways to avoid paying tax. For example, to shadow pricing through manipulating their cash flows to countries where taxes- corporate taxes in particular or lower and ofcourse massively important globalization and the challenges, the threats to the environment.

The extent to which global growth can lead to greater exploitation of the environment, extraction of raw materials, increased pollution, the trading of toxic wastes, the collapse in by diversity, really the massive challenge of increased concentration of co2 and no2 emissions, these are huge issues of the age.

Has globalization contributed to that or can it actually help provide solutions? The so-called paradox of globalization, what we have seen an increase in many countries, not all, but many countries in relative poverty, extreme poverty has come down. Relative poverty or inequality has gone in many countries and there’s also disadvantages for some countries who lose population.

So, they may suffer a depopulation effect; the loss of younger often more skilled workers looking for better work, better pay in other countries also.

Globalization is a double-edged sword, that’s good phrase to use. The benefits of globalization are uneven. Some people, some regions, some countries benefit more than others. But, there has been a backlash from those communities. Left behind and you’ve seen their jobs and the economic security threatened.

Globalization raises important issues of equity, fairness as well as efficiency.

Globalization and its impact

The evidence of globalization is everywhere. But, it is important to recognize that not everyone is in favor of it. Some groups argue that TNCs are responsible for many of the world’s environmental problems. These problems include global warming, the depletion of natural resources and the production of harmful chemicals. Some groups also claim that PMC’s take advantage of developing countries by polluting industries within their borders- logging their tropical forests and exploiting their labor.

Other concerns include the loss of local culture, the tendency for developed countries to interfere in the affairs of developing countries and a reduced power of governments to control economic activity. However, there are people who support globalization and suggest it benefits individuals in the global community.

They claim faster economic growth, quicker access to new technology, cheaper imports and greater competition. Supporters of globalization also argue that globalization will make the world economy more efficient and will continue to create hundreds of millions of jobs mainly in developing countries.

Globalization and its impact

The evidence of globalization is everywhere. But, it is important to recognize that not everyone is in favor of it. Some groups argue that TNCs are responsible for many of the world’s environmental problems. These problems include global warming, the depletion of natural resources and the production of harmful chemicals. Some groups also claim that PMC’s take advantage of developing countries by polluting industries within their borders- logging their tropical forests and exploiting their labor.

Other concerns include the loss of local culture, the tendency for developed countries to interfere in the affairs of developing countries and a reduced power of governments to control economic activity. However, there are people who support globalization and suggest it benefits individuals in the global community.

They claim faster economic growth, quicker access to new technology, cheaper imports and greater competition. Supporters of globalization also argue that globalization will make the world economy more efficient and will continue to create hundreds of millions of jobs mainly in developing countries.

Corona Virus
Corona Virus

Now, there’s quite a few things we don’t know about this virus. But, there’s quite a few things we do. So, I wanted to talk about that and I want to tell you about some practical implications as well.

How you can protect yourself, how you can protect your family and this will be interesting if you’re a healthcare provider, health care professional or if you want to be a better informed a member of the public who wants to protect themselves.

The Corona Virus are remarkably small. They say it’s called a corona virus because of this crown shaped appearance because of the outer; the outer protein coat on it.

There’s lots of these viruses and it’s a large family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe respire to disease. This is in human now.

The corona virus as we’ll see comes from animals and in animals it causes a lot of different pathologies. About the disease state, as it affects humans and of course as it spreading from China at the moment, now we’ve known about quite a few corona viruses for a while. But, a new corona virus was identified in humans on the 29th of December 2019 and it was a novel virus. It is new; it hasn’t been seen before.

So, for that reason, this virus was assigned this name: 2019 novel coronavirus. What it does is it causes human respiratory viral infections. So, about infections of the respiratory system, now ofcourse, we can have upper respiratory infections in through the nose, the pharynx. It depends where you count upper.

Not normally upper would be above the level of the the larynx. So, upper respiratory infections and lower respiratory infections, bronchitis in the bronchial passages and infections lower down in the lung fields, in the alveoli, these are all respiratory infections and spine infections can be caused by bacteria or viruses and ofcourse these ones are caused by viruses like corona virus. But, there’s that, there’s a wide variety of viruses can cause human respiratory viral infections. So, the common cold for example is the different viruses can cause that a corona virus can cause common cold type symptoms.

But, the most common one is called a rhinovirus. For that, for the nose we get this characteristic; irritating runny nose and general malaise and the features of a common cold that you’re all familiar with well; influenza is another type of respiratory virus. This causes flu. So, it’s it an influenza virus. There’s different types. But, they say this is the main cause of seasonal flu.

The flu that we get more of every winter and there was a quite 9outrageous outbreak in 1918, 1919 in the West recorded the Spanish flu and it killed about 50 million people when a virus mutated and when the virus mutated, this effect caught so called genetic shift. The virus shifted; it was a new genetic form of the virus and what that meant was an expressed different proteins and these were proteins that our immune system was not familiar with. So, we didn’t have immunity to it and it caused severe illness, inflammatory reactions, killed young people and old people tragically.

So, different viruses can cause human respire viral infections. But, thinking about the corona virus particularly is what we want to focus on because that’s what’s new. We’ve had these other viruses for a long time.

This novel coronavirus now; the throne of virus is single-stranded RNA, it’s a ribonucleic acid virus and it’s in a protein envelope and this is a protein shell or capsid. The protein envelope or the protein capsule is very important for spread later on because this can protect the virus when it’s outside of the body and egg. It can survive on surfaces for a few days because of this. This protein envelope that surrounds the RNA and they’re very smal.

Coronaviruses are zoonotic. It’s one of the zoo enosis illnesses. The zoo enosis illnesses as the name sort of implies are infections that we get from animals. So, this comes from animals and you might have remembered previous infections of coronavirus that have caused pandemics that have gone round the world infecting in the world.

So, an epidemic is a large global outbreak; an epidemic is a large local outbreak; a pandemic pan- all of the world is affected.

So, MERS was the Middle East respiratory syndrome that was a corona virus in 2012 and severe acute respiratory syndrome ;the SARS in 2013 were also corona viruses and now we have this novel previously unidentified one; the 2019 novel coronavirus which is currently causing illness.

What are the clinical features that this novel coronavirus will cause?

Well, the data from China is somewhat limited at the moment. But, this is the latest data as of a couple of days ago. So, the people that got this condition 98% of them had a fever. So, basically everyone who had this disease had a fever; they were pyrexi. So, what happens here is that toxins are released from the virus; that’s detected by the immune system.

The immune system facilitates prostaglandin mechanisms and the hypothalamus turns off the set point of the hypothalamus and then we feel cold and shivery. We can have these rykors.

Rykor’s is the cold shiver feeling because when your temperature’s going up you feel cold, that increases the body temperature and gives us the fever now. This is actually a good thing because the viruses are less comfortable in pyrexia environments and the viruses don’t replicate as well in a fevered patient.

The increase in body temperature increases the efficiency of the immune system, so we need to see fever as an adaptive defensive mechanism. That’s going to help us combat this infection but it’s a clinical feature that we can detect simply by taking the patient’s temperature- 76 percent of the patients so far analysed who’ve been affected with novel coronavirus of had a cough.

Myalgia is pain in the muscles. With the corona virus, I assumed these patients are feeling remarkably ill as well. 28% produced sputumas you might expect. With a respiratory virus, 8% had a headache, 5% had coughing up blood, 3% had diarrhea which is interesting.

So, this virus seems to affect primarily the respiratory system. But, also the gastrointestinal system which is interesting and 55% developed dyspnea-difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath. So, thinking about the complications of this condition, so severe acute respiratory infection is pneumonia.

Now, pneumonia is infection at the level of the alveoli. So, bronchitis is going to be the larger bronchial passages. But the larger bronchial passages in the bronchial tree is bronchitis but pneumonia is actually affecting the lung at the level of the alveoli and we get consolidation, we get fluid collecting in there and of course if there’s fluid in there, the oxygen can’t get in, the carbon dioxide can’t get out.

So, that’s pneumonia, it is a complication of novel coronavirus. As with the other corona viruses that pneumonia is a complication severe acute respiratory infection which is pneumonia and also acute respired for distress syndrome. Acute respiratory distress syndrome a RDS occurs when the lungs become inflamed for any reason. It can be infection, it can be injury and the inflammation causes fluid from the nearby blood vessels to leak into the alveoli. So, the net result really is much the same as pneumonia. You get fluid in the alveoli because by acute respiratory distress syndrome and the patient will become very short of breath.

So far, from the Chinese data, two to three people have been getting infections for every year. Every infected case so that means it’s doubling and tripling in incidence. We don’t have any good antiviral treatments for the corona virus. But, I think that you get a temperature because the immune system wants your temperature to be high to improve the elimination of the virus and to improve the function of the immune system.

So, keeping warm and certainly in adults, I like to avoid giving air. Antipyretics in children is different, of course but avoid non-steroidal anti-inflammatories and paracetamol. That’s acetaminophen; the who you ask sometimes people will say take regular powerset. It’ll certainly make you feel better, but it will lower your temperature and therefore in my view lower the efficiency of the immune system.

Keep hydrated because there is a risk of renal failure with severe conditions. Should you eat or not well eat if you’re hungry, if you don’t feel like eating, don’t worry about it you’ll be fine as long as you’re a reasonably nourished before. You’ll be fine without eating for a few days. Don’t force yourself to eat if you don’t feel like it. It’s really quite normal for the body to go catabolic when it’s ill; no specific antiviral medications.

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Dark Sides of the film industry
Dark Sides of the film industry

When you’ve poured your heart and soul into your film, now how are you gonna get it out there?

For quarter two and three I never got a check or I never got a paypal, no one reached out to me in any way, shape or form. They’re just gonna sweep this all under the rug, but they’re using the money that they stole from us to pay for it. This is a result of extreme mismanagement at the highest levels of that company and that’s what I was told directly.

Filmmaking is also a business. So, go digital distributing went on. A business distribute is a film aggregator. They recently went bankrupt for what looks like you know bad business practices, wasteful spending, thousands of filmmakers have been denied their revenue.

We’re looking at possibly millions of dollars in damages; it’s crazy because that was considering using distributor to distribute unsound. So, like had I actually gone through with using them and distributing unsound like my film could have been tied up in all this mess, I thought this will be a great opportunity to talk about the dark side of the film business and why you should care before we haul off into this discussion.

We really gotta lay some groundwork first. Why is indie film so important before you can convince the studio’s or Netflix or any other company to spend millions of dollars on you. You usually have to prove yourself. First, in the form of making a film of your own, finding your own money and proving that you can appeal to an audience, they don’t catch-22 right like nobody’s gonna hire you unless you have experience. But, then you can’t get experience unless somebody hires.

People do this by making what’s called an independent film. It’s not backed by any big company; it’s completely independently financed. Lots of people started their careers in indie film; Chris, Nolan, Ava, Duvernay Rian, Johnson, Ryan, Coogler, Barry, Jenkins, Jon, Favreau just to name a few.

Going the indie film route isn’t the only way to break into the industry. But, historically it’s been like one of the best ways; it’s hard to talk about film without talking about money. There’s this notion going around that you shouldn’t have to spend any money in order to make a good film. Yes, while this is true it’s also an oversimplification.

If you want a career in film, there is so much more to it than that. Let’s unpack the beginner. If you’re just starting out, you should not be spending any money on your films, you’re gonna make a lot of mistakes on your first few shorts. Why spend money on lessons that you can learn for free right?

Just borrow a camera, get started, you can make some great stuff for a little to no money. The hobbyist in this phase; you start spending a little money, maybe you buy your own camera, you get a few subscription services like Adobe Creative Cloud or royalty free music sites. The point is you’re spending money without the expectation of a profit.

So, by definition you’re a hobbyist, getting serious at this point, you cut your teeth on a lot of little film projects here and there and right about now you’re starting to realize that doing everything for really cheap is not really getting you the results that you want sometimes. Getting good actors cost money, getting good locations cost money, just getting good production values cost money; you’ll reach a point where you outgrow; no budget filmmaking. You just get bored with it.

The only way to continue growing and get to that next level is to start investing in yourself like paying people for services, renting cameras and different pieces of gear you haven’t used. Before trying new things, career hunter in this phase, you’re ready to show people just how serious you are. You’re willing to invest even more into your films because you want the best possible outcome.

These films are gonna be your calling cards to the rest of the world to say hey this is what I’m capable of. Think of it this way, how can you expect some investor or some company to invest thousands or hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars on you and your visions. If you won’t even take a risk on yourself and invest in yourself, you’ve got to be willing to bet on yourself.

First responsibility, as you start to invest more in your films, you begin to take on a new financial responsibility. Now, it’s not just about making films. Now, it’s okay, I’ve spent money to make this thing happen. So, how am I going to make the money back?

If you’re constantly spending money, you’re never making any money, that’s a recipe for disaster right. That’s how businesses go out of business. An absence doesn’t even come close to cutting it. Not unless you get like millions of views a month, there are about a dozen factors that determine how much you’re gonna make on Adsense.

Many of these factors are completely outside of your control. Just to make the point crystal clear, over 100,000 people have seen my unsound here on YouTube. It’s been available for a little over a year now. Let’s look at how much I’ve made off Adsense. This is how much we made since I uploaded it over a year ago; thirty six dollars and forty eight cents. We spent over $40,000 on that film. Thirty of it coming from me personally in the form of credit cards,loans, etc. We’re not gonna see a return on any of that money.

It’s done, just gone. Adsense is not enough. I just took the financial hit, but the film was like an enormous success in many other ways.

Ideally, if you’re going to spend money and make an independent film; a feature film or you know maybe a webseries or something, you want some form of distribution so that you can sell that thing and make your money back ideally traditional film distribution. So, this is the meat of the conversation.

Historically speaking, film distribution has always been a really ugly business for independent movies, less than two percent of independent films make their money back. The average independent film costs a hundred thousand dollars in 2014. It was reported that the indie film community as a whole spent three billion dollars in less than 92% of the resulting films made their money back. Less than two percent, a lot of people are not seeing a return on their investment.

There are a number of different ways that you can lose your money. It’s not just that your film doesn’t sell. I mean there’s bad contracts, distribution deals that are just awful sometimes. It is you do get a good distribution deal but your film just doesn’t perform well. I wasn’t alone in this. I am just one of many stories of filmmakers who took the risk.

They put their money where their mouth was. They decided to bet on themselves and it didn’t work out. You don’t see a return on that investment and this is the dark side of the film industry that doesn’t get talked about.

We can’t just look at film as like this cool little hobby and then somebody will just pluck you out from nothing and make all your dreams come true sometimes. You have to be the person to bet on yourself. But, if you make that bet, you have to be financially responsible, you have to be willing to say if I make this film, I might not make a return on my investment and if that happens will I still be okay financially. If the answer is no, then you should not be spending that money and it’s not all bad.

Lots of people have made films that didn’t necessarily like make them money back, but the exposure they got from those films paid for itself off like and then some like the connections they made. It opened doors for them.

Many filmmakers have lost money just by signing like bad contracts. They didn’t know any better. You’ve got to educate yourself on how distribution works. I didn’t learn anything in film school, about all the different like flavors of distribution and types of contracts, I had to learn all that stuff on my own. You have to educate yourself, so you don’t get taken advantage of .

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