Worthless College Degrees

People tend to get extremely triggered when you tell them they’re getting a useless degree and they want to know what the most useless degrees are.

I’m gonna go over what degrees you should absolutely avoid at all costs. But, before I trigger a few more people I just want to put a very very quick disclaimer out there that you should always follow your passion.

If your passion in life happens to be one of the degrees that I mention in this article, that’s totally fine. You should still follow your passion. All I’m saying is you should not go $50,000 in debt for a piece of paper. That’s not gonna benefit you at all and you will likely end up serving coffee to people and misspelling people’s names and you can still study the subjects you’re passionate about.

I mean top universities in the world offer all these classes for absolutely free. You just don’t get a degree from them and you can learn all you want, about all these different subjects for free, without spending any money, going into debt and if all this information is free from the top universities in the world, then why would you ever spend money on it?

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First, psychology and the reason that I decided to include this on the list even though you can get a viable job, I mean you can become a social worker or something like that; the reason I decided to include this one is because it is one of the top five most popular majors. Even though it has really bad statistics and all of the important categories like job openings, job satisfaction, future growth potential, all of these things that are very important and I find psychology to be extremely interesting.

I can see why so many people like it but I don’t recommend actually majoring in it. It’s one where a lot of people fall into the trap of thinking that they can make money after graduating with this degree and then they end up five to maybe even six figures in debt and they can’t get a job.

Next is going to be drama and theater arts and you might be surprised that this one isn’t further down on the list because it does made fun of a lot. But, the reason I put this one further up is because it is actually kind of difficult to teach somebody how to act and all that sort of thing from a book.

It’s so hard to teach someone this particular skill from a book or even videos. That’s why I kept it towards the top of the list but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still a pretty worthless degree that you are going to have a hard time getting a job from.

Next is going to be language studies and I’m probably gonna get a lot of flack for this one because there are some languages out there that you know if you learn and you get really good at you can make a lot of money as a translator but the reason I put this on the list is because you can easily learn a language by getting a video program or an audio program or actually moving to the country where this language is spoken, if you just spent those four years that you are studying the language and just move to the country that speaks those languages in those four years you would probably learn a lot more by doing that and you could get a job while you’re there and make money and this is the 21st century where you can go anywhere you want in the world and you don’t need to go fifty thousand dollars in debt just to learn a language.

There are certain languages that are more difficult in terms of writing and speaking than others. An example of this would be Mandarin or Cantonese because that is a very useful language. It’s something that’s going to be very useful to know in the next 50 years as business becomes more international but at the same time there are cheaper and probably better ways to learn the language than going to university and getting $50,000 in debt.

Next, is going to be communications and this one is actually kind of similar to psychology because it’s an extremely popular major that people tend to choose but don’t get this too confused because this major is clearly a even worse than psychology and it’s one of those majors that really makes you think like what do you even do with this major.

I mean it’s something that’s so broad that it becomes kind of useless like they might as well come out with like a life degree or a breathing degree or how to be a millennial degree or a how to smash that like button degree.

Next is going to be photography and this might be one of the most saturated fields on the entire list. We are witnessing a generation right now where basically everybody is a photographer and they all want to become Instagram famous so they can get that sweet influence or money then.

When that doesn’t work out, they decide to become an amateur photographer and you make the mistake of hiring them for your wedding and your pictures turn out like and the big point here is there’s so many resources online like Peter MacKinnon for instance on how to become a really good photographer and a lot of them are free or very cheap and you can get high-quality training and this is one of those skills where you really just have to practice in order to get better.

I mean learning about it in a classroom isn’t gonna help you out that much and getting a degree is not going to give you that much of an edge. You definitely do not need to spend five figures on this and one of my best friends actually moved to the country barely knowing any English. He taught himself photography and he became one of the top wedding photographers in Las Vegas within just a few years and he didn’t have to go to university for this. He didn’t have to buy some expensive course or going to debt for this.

He basically learned it all from free resources or very cheap resources and then he just practiced and once you get really good at a skill like this, you know it doesn’t matter what credentials you have next to your name. What really matters is your portfolio because that will speak for itself.

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