Addiction Ghosts

Addiction is something that must be detrimental to one’s health. However, in reality, many of us are addicted to various things that may not hamper our lives in any way.

These addictions are still quite real as well as essential for our day-to-day functioning. It may be coffee for some, cleanliness for others and obsessively sharing kitten memes for someone else.

Whatever engages the reward system in the brain, for each of us, it gets weird. Here are some of the most baffling ones.


The artificial UV tanning industry could simply be explained by the inherent human tendency to look different than our usual selves. Some would like how people with curly hair want to have it straightened and vice versa. And, it works well too. Especially, for the times of the year, when the Sun isn’t enough to give you a darker tone. When it gets weird is when you can’t stop. Not because you like the tan too much. But, because you have an addiction to it.

A wonderful choice from Zeeable!!

Cases of people getting addicted to the artificial tanning process are abundant. Many recent studies have confirmed that tanning addiction is very real and engages the same part of the brain as drugs like heroin. Some research points to the possibility that it may just be in your genes.

Drinking urine

You may have heard of people who insist that drinking your own and in some extreme cases; other people’s urine is good for health as long as they’re not harming anyone in the process. There’s not much we can do to convince them otherwise. We respect that, sometimes though it can go well beyond a general preference for human.

Urine as food has also been used. Quite a few people have reported that they start getting withdrawal symptoms if they don’t get their daily fix of urine.

Animal hoarding

We’ve all heard of the crazy cat lady trope, even though we’re not sure why it can’t apply to men too. We all know of someone who has surrounded herself with a bunch of animals, to make up for a lack of social skills. Even if, it may just be about loving animals a bit too much rather than a case of loneliness.

However, there are those rare occasions that are so bad, that it actually harms the animals involved and can border on being an addiction. Science agrees that animal hoarding has many features of an actual addiction, including denial of the problem; a compulsive need to engage in it, excuses for this behavior and no regard for maintaining the individuals’ personal surroundings. It may sound like the crazy cat lady stereotype is true, but in actual cases, it’s much more serious than just collecting a lot of pets.It’s also difficult to overcome without help.

Human blood

Vampires have been a part of Western folklore, as far as we can remember. We’re not sure if these stories are based on real cases of people obsessed with human blood. But, mythology often doesn’t care about facts. We also don’t know if these individuals were actually addicted to drinking blood or if they just occasionally dabbled because they liked the taste of it.

But again, they’re fictional and don’t require an in-depth explanation for how vampirism works. A Turkish man was reported addicted to drinking his own blood. The doctors described his need for blood as urgent as breathing. Even though they weren’t able to explain how he developed it, he had no disorder or deficiency that could explain it, though he was afflicted with a personality disorder.

Also, he had witnessed some violent events earlier in his life. Though those things don’t come close to explaining how he developed the compulsion. Thankfully, he was just addicted to drinking his own blood.

Let us make everyone aware of these addictions and reduce the after-effects of them!!

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