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Wifi-How does it work?
Wifi-How does it work?

Wifi gives us the power to send huge amounts of data through the air. Wi-Fi is a type of electromagnetic radiation; part of the gang that includes visible light, radio waves, x-rays and gamma-rays. Unlike gamma rays, Wi-Fi won’t turn you in to the Incredible Hulk and it does allow you to check your emails on the toilet.

The interesting thing about electromagnetic radiation is that it’s kind of like the force from Star Wars. So, the different types of electromagnetic radiation are pretty similar. But, what makes them different is the length of their waves.

Its wavelength is about 12 centimeters and it bounces around too little for us to see. If we could see all the Wi-Fi in a city, it would look like a massive field of big top circus tents and if we could see all the electromagnetic radiation at once, we wouldn’t see anything. Everything would just be a blur.

Wi-Fi waves are relatively big and it tends to be waves on the nano scale that have the potential to cause damage. Wi-Fi travels out from its source, it’s affected by the objects it encounters. If there are a lot of Wi-Fi signals near you, parts of your signal could be delayed by them, bumping into those making your pages load in a more jittery way.

Interestingly, you can actually buy Wi-Fi paint which blocks other signals from interfering with your Wi-Fi signal. In this case, you’ve protected your Wi-Fi signal and it’s coming through strong.

Simply put, Wi-Fi is essentially just carrying a set of instructions which tell your computer what to do to each pixel on your screen. The instructions are turned into a code which only needs two different modes; on and off. Electromagnetic radiation travels at the speed of light. So, even something really complex, can be transmitted super quickly.

Those two different states; the on and off can be coded into the wave, in a lot of ways. For Wi-Fi, each sent signal has a six digit code and a change in height and the starting place of the wave determines whether the digit is on or off. Between gaps of no signal, so wiggle 1 might be off wiggle 2 might be on, wiggle pattern might be a,etc plus the gaps between the pulses separate the wave symbols just like spaces between words, meaning really complicated instructions can be sent with ease, read by your computer and understood.

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The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in 2019
The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds in 2019

Scientists, experts and common dog lovers can’t agree on which dog breed should be considered the most dangerous in the world. However, due to frequent attacks on people, certain breeds are banned from breeding, keeping and selling in many countries. These black lists have been considered as the base in this discussion.

1. American Bulldog

Banned in Denmark, Singapore and a few more countries, this breed originates from the southern states of the USA, where it was used as a farm dog, its main task was to catch wild boars of over a hundred kilos, with deadly tusks.

American Bull dog

The distinctive features of these dogs are an extremely high pain threshold banned dog. The phrase ‘banned dog’ first appeared in medieval records, to describe large dogs, that were released from their leash at night, to protect private property.

Nowadays, banned dog is a breed originated from American PitBull Terrier, mixed with different Mastiff subtypes. The goal of the breeding was to get a mastiff sized dog, with American Pit Bull temperament. The banned dog is banned everywhere, where its parent breeds are prohibited.

2.Neapolitan Mastiff

Also known as Mass Dino, this breed appeared in Italy, where it was once used for the bloody gladiator fights, in the Colosseum. They were also used by Roman legions, as war dogs. Today, these dogs are primarily used to protect private houses.

Neopolitan Mastiff

It is prohibited to keep them at home in Singapore, and to have one in Romania. For example, you need to get a special certificate of the dog’s mental health.

3. Wolf dog

There are several breeds resulting from hybridization of domestic dogs, with wolves. Among those, are the Czechoslovakian wolfdog; a mix between a German Shepherd and a care, patient wolf and the Saarloos wolf dog; a mix between German Shepherd and McKenzie Valley wolf.

Czecholosvakian Wolf Dog

One of the most well-known wolf dogs in the world, is probably White Fang from direct London’s story. Wolf dogs are largely unpredictable. They can act as perfect pets or completely wild beasts, depending on the situation. Throughout history, there were numerous cases of attacks, on people ;primarily young children, who the dogs perceived as prey. These dogs are illegal in Norway.

4. Booble

This is a Dutch Afrikaans word for farmers’ dog. This breed was created in South Africa, on the base of local dogs and guard dogs. These dogs are excellent guards. They love children and are not actively aggressive. However, this breed is still banned in Denmark.

5.Dogo Argentino

Also known as Argentine Mastiff, it was bred from the cord of a fighting dog along with a wide array of other breeds, including the Great Dane Dogue de Bordeaux and Irish Wolfhound, for the purpose of big-game hunting, including wild boar and Puma.

This breed is prohibited in at least 100 countries including Australia New Zealand and Portugal. Perro de presa canario, also known as the canary Mastiff, this large fighting dog breed was created on the Canary Islands. The breed was officially recognized relatively recently in 2001, on the same year.

Canary Mastiff

The new breed got sustained with human blood. The victim of a canary Mastiff attack died in the corridor of her house. The owners were convicted for murder and sentenced to jail. The breed is banned in New Zealand and Australia.

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Celebral Palsy-Excessive drooling is a symptom!!
Celebral Palsy-Excessive drooling is a symptom!!

Often, children with the cerebral palsy would travel with the swallowing saliva. So, we call it drooling. This is caused by brain injuries. So, they have difficulty in swallowing.

A child with Celebral Palsy with drooling protector

There are two different types of drooling. One is anterior drooling. So, when your child cannot swallow the saliva, it comes out of the mouth. This cause s much of trouble in general. When he or she goes to school, they get embarrassed because they always drool and then, it can cause the skin problems. Sometimes, they really have a problem with changing their clothes.

The other type of drooling is a possibility which means, we don’t really see the saliva coming out of their mouth. But, the saliva is going to the lung instead of pointing to the stomach. That saliva is kind of a hard aspiration pneumonia. Those children usually come to the hospital for the pneumonia treatment and they get sick a lot.

If your child has the problem in drooling, you should know there are different options of treatment. There’s medication. It can be pills or it can be liquid form. So, you can easily provide those medication and you can bring your child to the doctors.

Doctors can provide injection to salivary glands today. Sometimes we can repeat this injection continuously as long as your child needs discrete injection. One other option is starter intervention. So, you can bring your child to ear, nose and throat doctor. We call them the ENT.

Clothing management is very important for children with cerebral palsy, because of a medical and social aspect. So, make sure that you address your child’s drooling problems with a medical professional .

Addiction Ghosts
Addiction Ghosts

Addiction is something that must be detrimental to one’s health. However, in reality, many of us are addicted to various things that may not hamper our lives in any way.

These addictions are still quite real as well as essential for our day-to-day functioning. It may be coffee for some, cleanliness for others and obsessively sharing kitten memes for someone else.

Whatever engages the reward system in the brain, for each of us, it gets weird. Here are some of the most baffling ones.


The artificial UV tanning industry could simply be explained by the inherent human tendency to look different than our usual selves. Some would like how people with curly hair want to have it straightened and vice versa. And, it works well too. Especially, for the times of the year, when the Sun isn’t enough to give you a darker tone. When it gets weird is when you can’t stop. Not because you like the tan too much. But, because you have an addiction to it.

Cases of people getting addicted to the artificial tanning process are abundant. Many recent studies have confirmed that tanning addiction is very real and engages the same part of the brain as drugs like heroin. Some research points to the possibility that it may just be in your genes.

Drinking urine

You may have heard of people who insist that drinking your own and in some extreme cases; other people’s urine is good for health as long as they’re not harming anyone in the process. There’s not much we can do to convince them otherwise. We respect that, sometimes though it can go well beyond a general preference for human.

Urine as food has also been used. Quite a few people have reported that they start getting withdrawal symptoms if they don’t get their daily fix of urine.

Animal hoarding

We’ve all heard of the crazy cat lady trope, even though we’re not sure why it can’t apply to men too. We all know of someone who has surrounded herself with a bunch of animals, to make up for a lack of social skills. Even if, it may just be about loving animals a bit too much rather than a case of loneliness.

However, there are those rare occasions that are so bad, that it actually harms the animals involved and can border on being an addiction. Science agrees that animal hoarding has many features of an actual addiction, including denial of the problem; a compulsive need to engage in it, excuses for this behavior and no regard for maintaining the individuals’ personal surroundings. It may sound like the crazy cat lady stereotype is true, but in actual cases, it’s much more serious than just collecting a lot of pets.It’s also difficult to overcome without help.

Human blood

Vampires have been a part of Western folklore, as far as we can remember. We’re not sure if these stories are based on real cases of people obsessed with human blood. But, mythology often doesn’t care about facts. We also don’t know if these individuals were actually addicted to drinking blood or if they just occasionally dabbled because they liked the taste of it.

But again, they’re fictional and don’t require an in-depth explanation for how vampirism works. A Turkish man was reported addicted to drinking his own blood. The doctors described his need for blood as urgent as breathing. Even though they weren’t able to explain how he developed it, he had no disorder or deficiency that could explain it, though he was afflicted with a personality disorder.

Also, he had witnessed some violent events earlier in his life. Though those things don’t come close to explaining how he developed the compulsion. Thankfully, he was just addicted to drinking his own blood.

Let us make everyone aware of these addictions and reduce the after-effects of them!!

[Guest Post]Avengers: Endgame Movie Review
[Guest Post]Avengers: Endgame Movie Review
[Guest Post] Ass Eating Man arrested in Florida!!
[Guest Post] Ass Eating Man arrested in Florida!!
Secrets of talking parrots
Secrets of talking parrots

I had two questions when I first heard a parrot mimic a human. Why and how right now the jury is still out on why parrots are so well adapted to mimicking external sounds.

Unlike songbirds, parrots don’t come hardwired, for a specific language like humans. Parrots are flexible and they’re able to learn dialects ,other species’ languages and even nonliving noises in their environment. Some proposed ideas on why they mimic others include, it’s a sign of physical and neurological fitness to impress a mate, it helps them identify where a parrot is from.

Parrots mimic to impress their mate

Sometimes I want to go for the local girl or maybe they want to steer clear the locals and go for a foreigner and it helps a mated pair locate each other over the ruckus of the rainforest. Scientists in the wild, are continuing to study parrot behavior in captivity and an allow for more clues on why this ability is being selected for and I get so excited every time new discoveries are made because I think parrot localizations are super interesting.

For example, Alex the African Grey parrot and Irene Pepperberg made leaps and bounds in furthering the studies on parrot communication concept of understanding and creativity. So far, scientists haven’t documented any parrot in the wild mimicking anything other than parrot sounds but parrot language.

In the wild, it is still super fascinating. A great example is when Carlberg did the very first study on wild parrots, learning their names instead of having it genetically encoded. Many birds have names for themselves.

Wild Parrots in Australia

Think of a songbird that’s boisterously singing a song over and over shouting to potential mates and rival males “I’m Gilbert, I’m here, Gilbert is here.” But, what Carlberg found was that, green roughed parrot let’s not only know their own name, which they probably got from their parents, but they also know the names of other parrots too. Studies are still being conducted on why parrots mimic. But, all the new research seems very promising.

How do parrots mimic?

Parrots can make almost as many noises as humans can make. However, parrots can combine two sounds to create vocalizations, that humans can’t mimic. That’s because parrots don’t use the same muscles to create sound, that mammals do. Instead of using their larynx, like humans, they use their styrinx

Singing Parrots

What makes this so special is that it’s located at the very bottom of the trachea, where it splits into the two bronchi. Because of this, fork birds are able to control two separate windpipes to create two different noises at the same time pretty neat.

They can also use this Anatomy to create continuous vocalizations which as humans, we need to pause to inhale a pair. It can be making sound through one side of their syrinx and at the same time open the other side for a little breath. Some people think that parrots can’t mimic sounds that require lips. But, that’s not true. They can absolutely make the B and P sounds and it can purr mmm without the use of lips.

They can also make that noise, without the use of teeth. So, parrots are amazing and creating noises with their specialized syrinx. Parrots are basically better at vocalizing than we are.

Loss of Memory due to medicine
Loss of Memory due to medicine

Studies have shown that more than 100,000 people died due to prescription drugs annually. Their side-effects lead to hospitalization of around 1.5 million people. Namely one explanation for this is, the fact that numerous drugs are approved before their patent runs out. So, they are not properly tested and result in numerous issues among the public.

Some of these medications have serious side effects and affect the brain tissue and lead to memory loss. These drugs which lead to severe cognitive problems are divided into three categories, as follows. One state is that cholesterol-lowering drugs lead to memory loss.

Moreover, the FDA has recently started to recommend monitoring of the use of these medications. The use of these drugs lead to an inability to focus. The person thinks that he or she has forgotten something.

Sleeping pills lead to short-term and long-term memory loss. According to research, all kinds of sleeping pills impair memory and performance, to a certain extent. Namely, they suppress the action potentials of various brain cells and lower out vigilance, judgment and alertness. Some of these pills may even cause a state like blacking out, which occurs when a person has damaged brain cells due to uncontrolled use of alcohol and cannot remember things that have happened.

The anti drugs which start with anti, like antidepressants, antibiotics antipsychotics, anti-spasmodics, antihypertensives, antihistamines,etc. These drugs are the ones that are most harmful in terms of your memory, as they inhibit the activity of the neurotransmitter- acetylcholine, which is responsible for the cognitive function and memory.

However, numerous drugs of this kind can be easily found over-the-counter. So, if taken in inappropriate doses, they can lead to even more complicated health issues. The following 20 medications lead to memory loss.

Drugs for high blood pressure, painkillers, heroin, morphine, codeine, lithium, antihistamines, methyl dopa for Parkinson’s, gleich appear, alight atropine or scopolamine, sleeping pills, insulin, naproxen, steroids,chemotherapy, drugs; antibiotics, drugs for epilepsy, dilantin and phenytoin, quinidine, antidepressants may cause various symptoms of memory loss, like difficulties with following directions, asking same questions more times, mood swings and changes in behavior, getting lost, forgetting words.

In case you have experienced some of these signs frequently, you should consult your doctor, in order to change your treatment. These side effects are temporary. So, if you change the therapy on time, you will experience no long-term effects and these symptoms will fade away as soon as you quit using these medications. However, the best way to stay away from these medications or get off them faster is to start leading a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced diet, high in brain boosting nutrients and be active and positive.

Birth Control-Its history
Birth Control-Its history

Since people have been engaging in sexual activities, they have been hoping to be able to in some way control or prevent pregnancy. This has led to some questionable; if not flat out, dangerous innovations from animal poop and intestines to honey and stones to mercury and even tortoise shells. From ancient times on, people have tried anything and everything as a type of contraceptive. While some may have been effective, many were not. Some were even deadly.

In 1850 BCE, the Egyptians used the waste of their crocodilian friends of the Nile in their out-of-the-box efforts to prevent pregnancy. Fortunately, it was at least dried out before being inserted into a woman’s genitalia and mixed first with a bit of sticky honey. Those who used it assumed it would soften and expand to form a barrier to sperm once inside.

As the preferred food of the Nile crocodile is fish though it will also feast upon decaying carrion, one can only guess how pleasant its feces and its smell is. It’s likely something that even the sweetness of honey couldn’t fix to add insult to injury. It also didn’t work. In fact, crocodile dung changes the pH of the body and thus actually improves the odds of conceiving.

By 1550 BCE, the Egyptians began to mix it up with the applications of acacia leaves and honey. These would sometimes be combined with wool and lint as a type of sperm fighting tampon. Whoever came up with this idea was really onto something. Acacia ended up fermenting into lactic acid within the woman’s body, which does have true spermicidal properties. Further, the application of wool or lint in the vaginal opening became an effective physical barrier to sperm seeking entry.

While it was described in ancient Cretan manuscripts, 2,000 years earlier the Egyptians were among the first group known to wear a rudimentary condom in 1000 BCE. Though at this point in history they were made of linen and intended more for disease prevention than as a form of birth control. Beyond this, they were even coloured and flaunted as a type of status symbol among Egyptian men.

By 700 BCE, Romans were using the bladders of goats, sheep and other unfortunate animals as a type of condom similarly to the Egyptians. However, even at this time they were still mostly worn to protect women from sexually transmitted infections and in the interest of public health, rather than to avoid pregnancy. It’s believed that later on, the zookas tribe in New Guinea began to recognize them for their current use and family planning. They also designed a nifty woman’s condom in efforts at conception prevention. By 2200 BCE, Romans came up with the worst idea.

Worse than using animal organs, or crocodile poop a popular method of the region was to place a hard stone or bronze object up into the woman’s reproductive tract. This worked as a diaphragm or a cervical cap. But, we can safely assume it was far less comfortable than pliable modern-day versions. Des Cortese, a Greek doctor in ancient times, suggested using peppermint oil when inserting an object of this type. This meant to block or kill sperm. This would have numbed the area and given the woman more comfort during intercourse. But, we’re still gonna call this a bad idea.

Nonetheless Roman gynecologist , Soreness had several suggestions of his own. The first was that women should abstain from sex during their periods which he thought was their most fertile time and when they would be most likely to get pregnant. Of course, for those with a regular and predictable cycle, this is not the case. He also believes that women should stop breathing while the man finished and then proceed to perform squats and sneeze, to fight the sperms movement in a strange combination of downward pressure and gravity. Finally, they were instructed to clean themselves in order to fully avoid pregnancy.

For obvious reasons, this approach was less effective than those that use things such as natural spermicides or forms of cervical blockage. Somewhat surprisingly, it was biblical texts that followed that described a much less complex method. The Testament which experts believe was first written in ancient Hebrew and originated in either the 6th century BC or due to newly discovered evidence as far back as four centuries prior.

In contrast, the ancient Chinese habit of drinking liquid mercury or ingesting mercury tablets definitely made an impact. Though not its intended one, while they were hoping it would prevent pregnancy, it’s not exactly known how much of an effect it had in that area unless we’re talking about a woman’s death. This is because mercury is a highly poisonous neurotoxin, that can cause muscle weakness and twitching headaches, respiratory failure and as we just mentioned an untimely death.

For these reasons, this practice was eventually discontinued. 12th century China had more success. As a result of the country’s use of a less fatal method, taking advantage of their vast knowledge in the production of silk, they created a penile sheath of silk paper. To this, they also added some oily loop. However, the purpose of this oil was not only to enhance pleasure, but in the belief that it could also help impair sperm health and move. China was not the only area to have a few historical rough patches and their pregnancy prevention technology. Dangerous contraceptive measures were also used in 4th century Greece.

In addition to the likely pleasant combinations of frankincense and cedar oil thought to act as spermicides. Women would sometimes anoint themselves internally with lead. They would even drink the water used by blacksmiths, contaminated with the same metal for pregnancy termination purposes. Unfortunately, lead poisoning is quite serious and can lead to increased blood pressure, pain, impaired memory, headaches and mental disorders. It does cause a lower sperm count than men and miscarriage, premature birth or stillbirth among the babies of women. But, it does so at it cost. Sources claim that women thought of lead exposure as helpful for pregnancy prevention as late in history as world war 1.

While technically safer than metal ingestion, 13th century Japan ranks up there with the Romans use of bronze objects or rocks for the method likely to bring the least comfort or pleasure to women.

During the European Renaissance, condoms made out of animal intestines became increasingly popular. This was in an effort to once again prevent disease transmission as well as to keep in check any nightly transgressions of the Royals that would result in illegitimate children. Any intestines were fair game from the smaller fish to the larger sheep depending on the size.

The Middle Ages of Europe saw some stranger trends and contraception efforts. Women were given weasel testicles and were instructed to tie them on their bodies while engaging in sexual activities. It’s hard to picture getting down and dirty with reproductive organs from a furry mammal wrapped around your thighs or neck.

However, in England, at the time, this was not only an accepted, but encouraged thing to do. The Elizabethan period in 6th century England brought about some less disgusting though potentially quite painful ideas. Women were told to wash their intimate areas both externally and internally with acetic acid or in other words of vinegar. Prostitutes at the time would soak sponges in the stuff and then apply it before intercourse as a way to kill off sperm. As we just mentioned, this contains acid, though it is quite dilute. However, in the case of any cuts or sores, it would be sure to sting intensely. Another stinging object was described in the memoirs of the infamous Italian heartthrob glaucoma Casanova.

Casanova was rumored to have seduced many of the female population and knew a thing or two about not ruining romance with Daddy duty his technique was to cut a lemon in half and then hollow out all of its insides. This hollowed out half a fruit, would then be inserted inside the woman as a type of cervical cap. This natural approach was mimicked much later on with rubber versions that used the same underlying concept. These were available on the market.

By 1927, surprisingly crazy contraception ideas weren’t reserved for just a long ago societies. As recently as the 1950s, people believed that the carbonic acid within carbonated soft drinks would kill sperm and that their sugar content induced sperm combustion after intercourse. Women would take a bottle, shake it up and then insert it within themselves while opening it. While this was undoubtedly quite entertaining to observe, it was rather unsurprisingly proven to not be at all effective clearly. Despite this strange behavior, contraception has made significant strides since antiquity.

We can be quite glad for the improvements of these scary at times painful and occasionally deadly attempts at birth control. Throughout history, though in some areas changes did not take place to make modern forms of birth control. Until surprisingly, recently all forms of contraception really in Ireland in 1935 until 1985 though the pill was available in the instance of a medical disorder. The pill wasn’t available in the United States until 1960 when it received FDA approval and in Japan, it wasn’t legalized until as recently as 1999 though as they say better late than never now.

Being the man among women
Being the man among women

Do you think you’re attractive to women ? Do you know you’re attractive? Maybe you’ve studied the laws of attraction, and tried very hard to get where you are today or perhaps you were just born with the right physical assets and are fortunate enough to just have a personality that seems likable to most people. But, for the most part, boys and men are at a loss when it comes to knowing exactly what a woman wants and of course there’s no exact science that can tell us what all women want. Nonetheless, we’re going to try our best to find out what many women find attractive and maybe help a few you guys out.

Be nice and get a Baby!

An article in Men’s Health magazine that cited various studies said that in  order to attract a woman, men must be  disarming in some ways. That means, just be nice or do things that make you seem more harmless, more  sensitive, more caring. The article talked about a study in France in which men who showed that they could interact with babies were popular. Some men doing that in public or in photographs were told that women who saw men playing with babies were three times more likely to get someone’s phone number. So, now you know who you should take as your wing man or wing baby.

Woof Woof

That same French study said that if you don’t have a baby at hand, try a dog. It said men who walked dogs were more likely to have success talking with women in the street. Again, this is because having a dog can show a degree of sensitivity and caring. This is never a bad thing for a long-term relationship. We should say that it might work better if you look like you’re a loving owner of your dog.

Be Nice Again!

Another study from Cornell University said that if a woman sees you being nice to others either in real life or online, they might be more willing to talk to you. That research said men who can be seen helping others; perhaps doing charitable work or cleaning up the local park can come across as caring and therefore attractive. So first and foremost show you have a sensitive side. Be helpful, be nice, be warm. This might go down better than looking like a guy who only cares about his highly prized abs.

Less selfies!!

A dating survey found revealed that men who can’t stop taking selfies are not always looked upon well. Make sure you don’t go overboard and make the woman think you’re a self-centered narcissist. Strong is good though do you need to and half your life lifting weights. To be attractive, according to a study at UCLA being a little bit built was better than being thin. That same study said slightly muscular men were more attractive than guys with very large muscles. It said that when you walk, you should walk with a purpose. Stand up straight and look like you know where you’re going.

Walk smart with a purpose!!

Body language is important and according to the Journal of nonverbal behavior, smiling always helps. But don’t grimace and don’t flash a quick grip. Only smile when you mean it and let that smile spread across your face keeping up appearances. According to Psychology Today, you can’t go wrong if you not only put time and effort into keeping your body healthy. But, you  should try and dress well. One reason that dress is important for men is that it projects social status and women who reject a man in a Burger King uniform might be willing to go out with someone in medical  scrubs said the article. It said that status is attractive to many women.

Good Luck with your date!!

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