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The spread of coronavirus has had a devastating impact on many sectors with some being brought to their knees. But, as with any crisis, others are rubbing their hands with glee. These are the sectors that stand to win from the pandemic and those who have already begun cashing in.

Companies are having to change the way they work and fast. If many had been hesitant to make widespread use of videoconferencing, they’re now scrambling to get to grips with the technology. Zoom video communications is one of the companies which has seen its share price boom away from work.

People are seeking diversions that did not involve travel and human contact and that’s good news for the video game industry. Global mobile game downloads shot up 39% in February with ┬áChina accounting for much of the increase games like brain out and honor of Kings were among the most popular.

Choices concern in China that takeaways could have been cooked or handled by someone with the virus has led to a subtle yet important trend; hungry families have turned back to good old-fashioned fresh groceries which they prepare themselves as meals for their loved ones.

In Britain, Amazon and other e-commerce suppliers already play a critical role in the retail supply chain. That is lonely likely to expand. Further, if people grow more reluctant to spend time in public places including supermarkets and shopping centres, all that time spent cooped up indoors is likely to leave many people in need of some brisk exercise. Step forward peloton interactive ;the provider of live streamed workouts to an army of millions of bedroom fitness enthusiasts edge or streaming services including Netflix,Disney Plus, converse, peacock and HBO.

Macs are also well insulated from the impact of disease. Any business that finds a cure for the disease is sure to end up posting large profits. Moderna is an American drug discovery and development company hoping to do just that. Another stock that has already benefited from the rising number of cases is novice; it which produces test kits to diagnose for coronavirus.

Aside from curing the virus, people are also desperate to prevent it. Companies producing sanitizers and wipes have obviously seen their shares, saw the valuation of companies manufacturing facemasks has also surged. No company will be publicly positive in the current environment but in several sectors executives will hope that the epidemic doesn’t come to an end quite yet.

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