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Pregnancy during the Pandemic 2020

First let’s talk about the steps you can take recommended by the CDC to prevent yourself from becoming infected from COVID 19. Staying at home whenever you are sick, avoiding close contact with sick people, washing your hands at least 20 seconds with soap and water. Also, not touching your mouth or nose or eyes with unwashed hands, always disinfecting and cleaning objects that have come into contact with other things frequently.

If you have to sneeze or cough, cover your face, social distancing- you need to keep at least a 6-foot distance from other people, avoiding crowded places and recently it was recommended that if you go out in public, you should wear a mask to help protect yourself.

So, two big things that pregnant women are going to face in regards to having to go out will be those essential grocery shopping trips and those prenatal visits. So, first with grocery shopping, try to get someone else to do it if that’s possible. If not, there’s a lot of options that you can do instead of having to go directly to the store like you can do delivery, you can do online shopping or you can do a pickup service.

So, with my experience what I do is I do either shop online where they deliver it to my house. Now, if that is the case, whenever I get the packages, have to open up the boxes, I always wash my hands because I don’t know where that boxes been. After all that, of course, I do hand hygiene after putting all the groceries up and everything and that decreases my risk of coming in contact with the virus.

Next, our prenatal visits which again is another essential thing that a pregnant woman has to go to. It’s recommended that pregnant women keep going to their prenatal visits. Now, unfortunately the further along you get you really have to go to these visits in person because your provider is going to be measuring your blood pressure and you’re looking at your urine for glucose and protein. That’s looking and screening for gestational diabetes and preeclampsia. Also, they are listening to baby’s heart rate, measuring your fundal height, making sure everything’s going well and you really can’t do that over the phone or through a video chat.

So, whenever you go to your OB office, you need to call them and you need to ask them okay what are some things you all are doing to help keep me safe and what are some things that I need to do because if you live in a high-risk area, you definitely want to implement very strict steps whenever you have to go to these visits and my experience is that whenever I go there they always, screen everyone to ask you questions where they let you in. I also wear a mask to my

Visits. Everyone who’s working in the area including the physicians are wearing masks and I keep a social distance from everyone. So, all the chairs they have them taped off; so you can only sit in certain areas so you’re not close to people.

Also, I make sure that I wash my hands immediately afterward. I don’t touch my eyes, nose or mouth and I disinfect everything that came into contact with that office and lastly, you always want to make sure that you are avoiding trying any type of like herbal treatments or things that say they can cure the corona virus or prevent the corona virus without consulting with your OB provider because there’s a lot of things that circulate on social media and on the internet that say that it can help out and unfortunately there have been some stories of people who have tried some of these things and they have either experienced some really bad side effects or they have died. So, always be leery of those things.

So, with pregnancy there’s a lot of fun things you get to do. You’re going to do a baby shower and you can do a gender reveal. However, during this time with the corona virus and social this insane those things really are not a great idea. So, you have to get a little creative and what you can do well first of all if you’re doing a little bit later on maybe you can postpone it. But, if you’re not you can get creative and do something online like live stream with your family and have something like that or have them send gifts you online or do an online registry.

Next, you want to start planning for the birth of your baby. Now, regardless if you’re delivering in a few months or you’re delivering this fall because they potentially say that this virus could make a comeback for this fall, so you want to be prepared. So, ask yourself where do you want to deliver it. Do you want to deliver at home; is a home birth for you? If so, you want to make sure that you research that. Look the pros and cons and hire a midwife and a doula and get the supplies necessary to do that or if you want to deliver in a hospital, make sure you know what hospital you want to deliver at, what are their policies?

A lot of hospitals right now are canceling those birthing tours where you could ask those questions and you want to see if you are going to have to give birth during this pandemic. Plus you need to prepare for the worst-case scenario. In case you have to deliver at the hospital without anyone with, you need to mentally be prepared for that.

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2020 Ramadan-Holy Month for muslims- Tips

We are already into the holy month of Ramadan. Let’s all start in a healthy way! Let me brief you to sail through this fasting day of ours very shortly. I would like to tell you certain

tips for the Ramadan.

First of all, a request to all of you that so who is a blessing, do not miss your Sahar at any cost.

Most of us do that because of the late dinners. So, here is an important part of our meal which gives us energy for almost a 3/4 of the fasting day. So, start here with more complex foods just simple sugars. Try to limit your sugar intake during Sahar.

Secondly, do not take too much of tea or coffee during Sahar. Also, because these things are diuretics they may cause you to urinate more times in the day. Especially the early mornings and then you lose a lot of water and dehydration may set in as it is too hot.

Eat your Sahar slowly and steadily which makes you win the race throughout the day. Do not skip it. Eat substantial food and not too much. So, let it be denser in calories and denser foods rather than being it big and more include slow-digesting foods during Sahar like rice, wheat, oats, semolina with some form of vegetables. It can be coupled up with some dried fruits and nuts to allow it to continue to give you a source of energy throughout the day.

So, it should be a compact meal. Ifthar, the feasting time of the day right let us be conscious during this time. This is the most important part of the day when most of us go wrong because we try to binge on all the fried, sugar-laden foods. In fact, we need to start very slow. You don’t need to overfeed yourself.

At iftar, get yourself a handful of dates. You can have a small amount of fruits rather than juices and break your fast. Relax, then you can finish your dinner or wholesome dinner not the fried foods.

Most of us skip the actual food during Ramadan and just feed on this fried stuff. You can taste some of them; it’s a holy month, it’s a time of feasting but don’t forget your benefits of fasting. So, treat yourself with a small amount. Have your dinner and then maybe you can go for your Taraweeh prayers. Post-Tharaweeh a small amount of nuts or fruits can be a good or yogurt can be a good form of snack. Do not overeat after your Taraweeh.

The most important part which should not be forgotten is the most forgotten nutrient or ingredient of our day. Mortal water should be consumed in enough quantities so that we maintain hydration with summers and long hours of fasting. We tend to be dehydrated. Please hydrate yourself enough and more not with sugar-laden syrups and juices and shell BOTS but with plain water.

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IGCSE Art Tips

Hi everyone. In the video below you will find important tips on how to get an A*/ level 9 for IGCSE for the subject of Art.

Best Tips To Grow Your Instagram in 2020

It’s hard to grow an Instagram. That is not a secret. Most people are aware that it’s difficult and getting increasingly more difficult to grow on Instagram. If you’re one of the many people who are trying to go on Instagram in 2020, you’re in the right place because I’m going to outline nine different tips that you can supplement into your Instagram strategy to help you grow in 2020.

Tip 01

It is a super easy one to implement and it may be something that you’re already doing without even being aware of it. If you’re going to post that day and you know you’re going to post at a specific time; an hour before go into your feed and go through the recent posts like them and leave the thought-provoking conversation, stimulating comments.

This works even better if the people that you’re commenting on also follow you but the reason why you want to do this is because of the law of reciprocity. When you go and leave a genuine comment on all of these peoples’ posts, they’re going to be far more likely to do the same to you. When they come across your post within the next hour, why this is also super valuable and important is because these people are on Instagram at the time. So, this means they’re going to see your post and have the opportunity to engage with it and give you early engagement which we all know dramatically helps your ability to rank on hashtags down the explore page and be exposed to more people. So, take advantage of this interaction with recent posts. Look, they’ll do the exact same to you and help get the snowball rolling in combination with the other tips to come.

Tip 02

Instagram is constantly releasing new features to the platform. It looks very different today than it did even a year or two years ago and that’s all because of new features that they roll out. They usually let everybody know there’s a new feature by releasing a story from Instagram that everybody sees explaining how different creators can use that new feature to interact with their audience.

When you see this and you see a new feature be sure to get on it and get on it quickly to interact and engage with your audience; the reason why you want to do this is because Instagram rewards users that use their new features because that’s their main focus at that time. So, they reward you by showing you to more people because you were quick to use their new features and help spread it to more and more people.

So, take advantage of that and hop on the new features. Whenever you see them, rollout to get even more exposure.

Tip 03

Use hashtags on your posts as well as your stories. Most people use them on their posts even if they’re not totally aware of how to use them. But, very few people use them in their stories. A lot of people are confused by how to use hashtags on their made feed posts. A lot of people aren’t utilizing this. It’s an opportunity for you to get increased exposure.

The two main reasons why people don’t use hashtags and their stories. First, because they think there’s no real benefit to doing so, and second, they think it makes their story look less appealing and less aesthetic to users who may come across it. The benefit to using hashtags on your stories is that you have the opportunity to get in the story for that hashtag and get shown to a bunch of people who are following that hashtag or come across and look at it and that’s actually the first thing you see when you do go research. You want to take advantage of it. It’s super easy to do to throw a few hashtags into your story post.

The second reason why people don’t typically use them is because they think it makes their posts look ugly or their story look ugly. You actually have the ability to shrink the hashtag down. So small, that’s not even visible to people who come cross and see it. So, that’s a way to still get the benefit of using the hashtag– without making your story look less appealing. So, you can go ahead and do that. You can put them on there and shrink them down really small. So, people can’t even see it and you can still get on that hashtags story.

Tip 04

Create content that is highly shareable and how do you go about doing that? You create content that is specific to your audience. Easy to consume and it provides quick wins or a ton of value within that post. The reason why you want to do this is because if it does provide a ton of value to a specific type of person or a person with a specific type of interest.

Anybody who comes across that content that they know someone else that may also benefit from that win. They’re going to share it with that person and that’s super good for you for two reasons. One, a share is a very powerful form of engagement in the eyes of Instagram but two, because they’re sending it directly to someone else who’s interested or may take value in that content. Being your content if they see that they take that win and they take value from it, they’re very likely to follow you, because one, they took value but two, because it’s being sent from someone else through that sign, their friend or the other user.

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Top Mistakes You Should Avoid In Your Economics Paper
  • The use of the word

Often candidates in Economics exams, they often say that things will happen and we have an example here; the lowering of taxes will lead to a rise in GDP and unemployment will therefore fall. We can’t assume these things.

For example, lowering taxes could lead to a rise in GDP. All the things in the economy might happen to lead to a fall in GDP, so we can’t be 100% certain that things will actually always happen. So, we should really change the sentence to lowering taxes should lead to a rise in GDP, and unemployment could possibly fall or is likely to fall. This shows a lack of understanding of the economy; not everything, a certain. 99.999% at the time all factors are not held the same. So, nothing can be presumed.

  • The use of examples

So, the second mistake often people make is by drawing a diagram and then they give little or no explanation on the diagonal; just throw it in there, you will usually get little credit for this.

So, we’ve gone through about always being precise and also don’t always assume that some fingers demand or supplied normally as is here. Often things are supplied very inelastically. So, for example the supply of wheat is inelastic if demand for the week goes or not. A whole lot of weeks can be supplied because it takes a long time for that. Week to actually grow so you need to consider the elasticities when drawing your supply and demand curves.

Try to avoid rambling through large blocks of text. Often a lot of candidates see a question and then they go off on a large tangent about things that generally interest them but they aren’t actually answering the question. So, for example, a quick question here explains the reasons for the growth in GDP. So, start by answering the question, why one reason for a growth of GDP is because this and specifically honed in on the question and therefore you’re sort of answering the question and then the examiner can’t help.

We’ll give you marks. Also, remember if it doesn’t answer the question, you won’t gain any credit. So, you might be going against some really complex in-depth analysis of something. But, it’s not linked to the question. The examiner can’t reward you lastly.

One mistake that some candidates make is by being too controversial or biased. Avoid presenting radicals, socially transforming ideologies such as Marxism. In your essays, even if you think that they’re correct in under 40 minutes, you’ll probably not going to be able to find the time to justify your argument fully, and also there are some other reasons for avoiding going down. The route of becoming too radical. You probably won’t be answering the question directly. So, you’ll be rumbling on for a topic that doesn’t directly link the question as previously discussed and you could also lead the risk of the examiner disagreeing with you in agitating him and he could mark you harshly and you need to remember that they’re only human.

There’s something that annoys them subconsciously, they could more. You doubt one to two marks for something that they don’t agree with you how hardline. So, always try to give both sides of the argument. You probably haven’t considered your argument fully.

Remember you’re only an old student, you’re not a Ph.D researcher. So, don’t try and get too ahead of yourself.

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Adobe Photoshop 2020 Basic Tutorial

Hi everyone!! Find below some useful tips on using Adobe Photoshop 2020. Key highlights will be:

  • photo corrections
  • image manipulation
  • vector graphic designing for visual illustrations and artistic drawings.
Quarantine 2020 with your kids

Things are getting a little crazy right now. Stores are running out of supplies, schools are being canceled for the foreseeable future and people are being asked to stay home to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. But, what does that mean for families with small children?

Staying in with kids for days let alone weeks at a time seems like an overwhelming request. How do you keep them busy? How do you oversee their schoolwork and what do you do all day?

Now we’re going to be talking about just that how to be socially responsible and not contribute to the spread of sickness while also not dying of boredom in the process. Some fun things to do when you’re stuck at home with your kids, go outside into your own yard or into a more secluded park or hiking trail. If you don’t have a yard, I suggest doing a little gardening, flower picking, mud pie making, and bug hunting. These activities are great stress relievers for kids and the sunshine and fresh air can boost their immune systems and their spirits. Nothing makes an afternoon go by quicker than digging in the dirt or splashing in the water hose. So, don’t be afraid to get dirty and let your kids play out their energy too old-fashioned way.

After all of that mess-making outside, you might want to move the party into the bathtub. We can easily kill an hour or so by making this fun bathtub paint at our house. I just take some baby soap and add in a little food coloring and cornstarch and I let my kids go to town on the walls of our bath or shower and they have so much fun painting every reachable surface in our tub. When it comes time to rinse, the paint easily washes off and quickly turns into a luscious bubble bath and  

the party continues.

The next suggestion is to do some simple art projects. I know that a lot of you probably have excess toilet paper tubes lying around at this point. So, one thing we did this week was just painting ours and turn them into little people. If you have yarn laying around, you could add it to the teepee people as here you could google on some googly eyes. The point here is that you don’t have neat expensive materials or fancy art supplies, just dig around your home and see what you can come up with.

Art is a great time occupier and it can be fun for kids of all ages and while you have those art supplies out, you might also consider making some cards for your friends and family members. It’s a sneaky way to get your kids to practice their writing and spelling skills and it also gives them an opportunity to express their love and creativity. As a bonus, you can walk to the mailbox and get some pleasure here for a couple of minutes.

Next up, while you have all this extra time at home, you can use it for spring cleaning. My little ones love helping me clean the house. I give them a spray bottle with water and I let them spray it around to their heart’s content. It’s a fun way to kill some time and clean the house. While we’re doing it, I have gone through some closets, help them organize their toys and we’ve washed all of our windows and walls multiple times this week. Things are looking surprisingly clean around here and I’m not complaining.

Also, don’t forget to lighten the mood by turning on some music and having a dance party. Let loose push away the furniture and start your own daytime dance club to wear out your kiddos and keep everyone in good spirits.

Speaking of moving your body, we also love these cosmic kids of yoga videos on YouTube. They are super fun and they’re engaging and there’s even when that teaches you how to do the floss. So, if that’s a skill you’re lacking, pin!

Another fun activity that kids love is to build a tent indoors. We busted out our beach tent today. But, I have constructed forts with sheets and couch cushions in the past as well. My kids go crazy for these things and it can seriously keep them busy all afternoon. Just build a tent, a box castle, a toilet paper mansion and you might have just built yourself an afternoon of freedom.

My next tip for you is to cook with your kids. Even your little ones will enjoy helping out in the kitchen; making their own snacks or baking up something yummy to eat. Baking offers unique opportunities to talk about. Fractions or following directions and of course kids love to eat the things that they’ve made. So, it’s win-win.

Finally, don’t be afraid to bust out all the board games and the puzzles in your homes. I forgot how competitive I get when playing Monopoly with my husband until this pandemic gave us all a reason to slow down and spend more time together. Kids are enjoying the family time and the competition has been fierce but fun and as a bonus for sticking around.

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